About Us


Meet Darrell and Ruth Thompson

Country Club OnSite is a family business with a small crew that began in 2002.  Darrell Thompson, Founder and President, is a second generation DryCleaner; his family has been in the DryCleaning Business since 1936. Ruth Thompson has been Operations Director since 2006, and has a background in International Procurement Management.

They cleaned drapes conventionally at Country Club Cleaners for 

years prior, but as the window treatment cleaning requests 

became more involved and elaborate, they had to evolve. 

They researched and found a safe cleaning process with equipment to clean ANY and ALL fabrics   On-Site, right where they hang. Our cleaning solutions are "Green" and engineered to clean all Fabrics.  

Take a look at our cleaning process!

Watch the dirt disappear, leaving clean and fresh fabric behind! Remember,  Country Club OnSite is "Green," using environmentally friendly solutions. Our cleaning process is gentle, which allows us 

to guarantee NO shrinkage or damage.  And there is NO odor!  


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