Drapery Cleaning is our specialty!

 We are committed to providing the highest quality cleaning for ALL of your Window Treatments.

Our associates are trained to clean ANY type of fabric in ANY configuration.  Darrell and Ruth are both Certified FabriClean Specialists.

Your draperies can be cleaned On-Site, right where they hang, with our gentle on fabric but tough on soil cleaning process. 

We can also clean your Window Treatments Off-Site at our facility, offering professional take-down and rehang services, if you are remodeling, painting, etc. 

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We are certified to clean and repair...

...all Hunter Douglas and other Window Treatments, including all shades, blinds, 

 Luminettes, Silhouettes, and more! 

We participate in continual training, certification tests, and renewal courses to remain

up to date on ALL new window coverings, solution products, repairs and install. 

We offer professional take down and rehang services, if you are remodeling, painting, 

getting new windows, or sustained damage in a flood, fire, or storm.

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Clean and repair today, have a show tomorrow!

We professionally DryClean ANY type of Stage Curtain fabric, in ANY configuration, right where it hangs - including velvet, cotton, velour, muslin, scrims, and more! 

Keeping your Stage Curtains clean is an environmental necessity, as it will keep performers and patrons 

from inhaling dust and allergens embedded within the curtains. Stage Curtains act as filters, trapping 

soils, pollutants, gases, dust, dirt, lint, pollen, bacteria, smoke particles and other allergens. Dust and lint 

are potential fire hazards. Like any filter, they should be cleaned regularly by a Certified Professional. 

 After cleaning, we apply Flame Retardant that meets or exceeds NFPA-701 to satisfy local fire codes and provide certificates of compliance!  

Are your Stage Curtains torn or ripped?   Let our professional staff repair them before the minor becomes major.  And when the stage floor or rigging needs maintenance, let us properly wrap your curtains ahead of time and unwrap once the work is done. Often, Stage Curtains are wrapped with ropes, chains, or tape, causing significant “nap” damage.   

Our cleaning process is gentle, which allows us to Guarantee NO shrinkage or damage. And there is NO odor! 

We also clean auditorium seating and auditorium curtains.

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Whether you are Remodeling or a Natural Disaster hits - we have you covered!

When painting or remodeling your home, we can properly wrap your Window Treatments or take them down and store them!  Depending on your construction time-frame, we can immediately take all  window treatments and hardware down to protect them and get them out of the Contractor’s way.

Many of our new customers discover us through their restoration needs due to Fire or Smoke Damage, Water Damage, Mold and Mildew, or a Natural Disaster. We work with all major insurance  companies and restoration contractors. 

When a natural disaster hits, we will evaluate your Window Treatments, Tapestries, and other Fine Fabrics. We will restore your items and store them until you are ready for pick-up or delivery. 

Once the paint has dried, the floors have cured, the ducts have been cleaned, and all dust has settled, we will reinstall the hardware, rehang, and finish-out, steam, and dress your items to your satisfaction.

Learn more about our Storage options here.

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Upholstery Cleaning

We clean ANY type of fabric upholstery in ANY configuration!

Do your fabric-covered chairs, sofas, love seats, or headboards need cleaning? We can clean your upholstered furniture On-Site. Do your patio furniture cushions, covers, or Sunbrella fabric need a spruce? We got you covered. Learn more about our outdoor patio cleaning services here

We can also apply fabric protection to help with future stains and even UV Ray protection. 

Our cleaning process is environmentally friendly and is gentle on ALL fabrics, while tough on soils, allowing us to clean even the most delicate fabrics from Haitian Moirés to fine silk. Our process does not affect the feel or strength of the fabrics, and there is no odor! 

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We repair and install Window Treatment hardware!

We are Certified to repair and install all Window Treatments, including the Hunter Douglas brand. 

If you have drapes that will not open or close  properly, or a shade that will not go up or down, give us a call.

We carry a large supply of parts and hardware in-house to handle most all requests.  If we don’t have it, we can order most parts and hardware you may need.

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We can store your items in our climate controlled storage space!

Our professional staff can remove your Window Treatments, tapestries, etc., and package them properly for your short term or long term storage needs.  When scheduled, we will rehang and finish-out/ steam/ dress your Window Treatments. 

We are committed to providing the highest quality of handling and care for your Items.

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RUG Cleaning

We can clean or “spot on-site clean” your rugs!

If you have small stains on area rugs, we will treat and clean them there, On-Site. As always, we are committed to providing the highest quality of handling and care while cleaning your items.

Rugs act as filters, trapping  soils, allergens, dust, and animal dander. Like any filter, they need to be cleaned regularly by a Certified Professional.

We can also apply fabric protection to your fine, freshly cleaned area rugs.

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We can clean your outdoor patio furniture quickly!

If your outdoor patio furniture cushions, curtains, covers, screens, or Sunbrella fabrics need cleaning or a sprucing-up?  We've got you covered.  

Our thorough cleaning is more than a vacuuming, we actually clean all items and wipe down all frames.  

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Ship us what needs to be cleaned!

We have traveled all over Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Mississippi, Arkansas, and New Mexico for work, but when it is not feasible for us to travel to you, you can ship your Window Treatments or tapestries to us!   

We do have requirements for our customers to properly fold or collapse the Window Treatments to make 

sure they travel safely. Upon receiving your shipment, we will photograph and document every step of 

the unpacking process, and do a complete evaluation for cleaning and repairs, if required. We will also 

email you a Free, No-Obligation Estimate.   

Upon your written authorization and approval to proceed, we will clean and professionally re-package your items within the same shipping container, along with any special instructions for you and or your installer.

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